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Healthy Habits Start With Wholesome Drinks

Order nutritious wellness drinks at our shop in Longview, TX

Are you on the hunt for delicious wellness drinks? Inspire Nutrition has the selection for you. We sell coffee drinks, detox teas and healthy shakes at our shop in Longview, TX. All drinks are made with less than two grams of sugar, 100% vegetarian and lactose-free. Customize your order with tasty add-ons like fat-burning powder, probiotics or protein.

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Proud carriers of Herbalife beverages

We welcome patrons at every stage of their wellness journey. Whether you're a health nut or just learning how to make healthy choices, our healthy shakes and detox drinks may:

Improve your energy
Speed up your weight loss
Improve your mental clarity
Help you feel full and satisfied throughout the day

Our friendly associates are happy to answer any questions you may have about our coffees, teas or meal replacement shakes.

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Wellness drinks are coming to a city near you

Inspire Nutrition is on a mission to serve our wellness drinks in Longview, TX and beyond. And you can help. After ordering one of our meal replacement shakes or coffee drinks, snap a pic and post it to your social media. You can also share your experience by writing us a review.